adventurous, spontaneous, ambitious, introverted, empathetic, passionate, outdoorsy, athletic, open minded, hopeless romantic, curious, present, observant. Okay, okay…I guess I should put stubborn and sometimes, I am a sucker when it comes to fantastic product placement. Yes, I will be impulsive and buy that dinosaur laser pointer keychain because it looks fun to play with.


photography, love, family, tea, art, nature, biking, backpacking, climbing, crocheting, crafting, mountains, beach, reading, adventure races, geocaching, disc golf, camping, dancing (especially breakdancing), fitness, board games, good food, breakfast, Asheville, Seattle


When you look at the right photograph, you can feel the energy it brings to life; this is why I am so passionate about photography. I desire to capture raw, candid moments, knowing the lasting joy that a photograph can bring. I love brainstorming with clients to capture something unique to them, and exploring new, out-of-the-box ideas.

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions. I would love to talk to you!