Carly and Jane’s Wedding :: Raleigh, North Carolina

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Jaime and Everett’s Wedding :: Raleigh, North Carolina

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Jake and Aimee’s Wedding :: Asheville, North Carolina

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Stephanie and Amy’s Wedding :: Greensboro, North Carolina

Stephanie and Amy had their beautiful wedding at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina. The entire wedding party and guests were a lively group of people. There were tears of joy and laughter and A LOT of dancing! I had a fantastic time photographing their wedding day! Also, a big thanks to Autumn for second shooting! I absolutely love working with her. =)

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Shane and Andrea’s Wedding :: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Shane and Andrea are two of my favorite people! Shane has been a good friend since college and I was super psyched to photograph his special day. The venue they had their ceremony and reception at, the Millennium Center, is a beautiful place to hold an event.

I’m very happy for the two of them! I wish Shane and Andrea (and their recent new addition, Maui) nothing but the absolute best! Also, a big thanks to Autumn Harrison for helping second shoot the wedding! I love working with her!

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Tim and Nhia’s Wedding :: Albermarle, North Carolina

Nhia and Tim already had their wedding earlier in the year, but they wanted to also have a traditional Baci ceremony as well. This special event was a ton of fun to photograph even though I was extremely sick the day of. It was my first time photographing a hand-tying ceremony. It was filled with lots of love, family, food, and dancing!

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Louise and Daniel’s Wedding :: Apex, North Carolina

Louise and Daniel’s wedding was located at the beautiful Oaks at Salem house in Apex, North Carolina. It’s not often you find clients willing to get soaking wet for just a photograph DURING their reception. However, Louise and Daniel were super troopers and did completely that. I was the second photographer for 2&3 Photography . You will definitely have to check out their blog post of the event (especially if you want to see an amazing rain shot). Anyhow, the wedding was quite lively and I had a fabulous time helping photograph it!

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Ryan and Kamna’s Wedding :: Greensboro, North Carolina

For the last several years, I’ve been waiting eagerly for someone to ask me to photograph their backyard wedding. Finally, I was in luck!!! I am so thankful Kamna and Ryan asked me to photograph their absolutely beautiful wedding. It was perfect. The decorations, the lighting, and the set-up made for a serene and romantic atmosphere for the lovely couple. You could feel the love and support in the air. Everyone there was so happy and grateful to not only be at their wedding, but be a part of their lives. I had an amazing time. Congrats Kamna and Ryan!

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Juan and Elizabeth’s Wedding :: Raleigh, North Carolina

Holy cannoli Juan and Elizabeth’s wedding!! Here are some words to describe their wedding- unique, vintage, sexy, fun, diverse, and vibrant! Their wedding was an 80’s prom themed wedding. Elizabeth’s dress was PINK. Yes, I said pink. Their main decorations during the ceremony and reception were balloons. Also, everyone there loved to dance and was good at dancing. I normally like to prance around dancing while taking photos during the reception, but I was sort of intimidated by everyone’s skills (especially break dancing skills). Juan and Elizabeth’s first dance was fabulous. Elizabeth changed into this amazing, sparkly, sexy dress. If I had any video footage of their dance, I would show you. It was lovely. In fact, I’m taking a guess, but Juan may have choreographed their own dance. He teaches dance lessons at Mucho Rhythm and helps engaged couples prepare for their big day.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of their wedding. Usually, I do not add rehearsal dinner photos, but I loved the atmosphere and the good times everyone had there. I’ve been to Centro in downtown Raleigh before, but hadn’t been upstairs. I completely fell in love with the place. The lighting, mood, decorations, and energy were superb.

Thank you 2&3 Photography for having me second shoot for you guys this wedding. I had a blast. Make sure you all check out 2&3 Photography’s amazing photos from Elizabeth and Juan’s wedding as well!

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Ben and Lindsay’s Wedding :: Raleigh, North Carolina

Ben and Lindsay’s wedding rocked! It was located at the beautiful Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. The entire day was filled with love, laughter, and all around good times. I was fortunate, too, to have a super awesome chica and photographer, Autumn, from Autumn Harrison Photography help photograph the wedding with me.

Some of the highlights of the wedding (in my opinion of course)- the simplicity of an “I love you” text before the ceremony between Ben and Lindsay, the Groom’s brother forgetting to come back and usher their mom during ceremony closing (oops…it happens), the fantastic cake smashing into each others faces, the sweet toasts, the very purposeful geometrical calculations and chatter between Ben and Lindsay during the garter toss, the crowd singing on top of their lungs to “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, a nephew running around with a disposable camera taking many pictures (future photographer!!!), a pool table groom’s cake, and of course the cow bell playing by Ben and Lindsay when they went up on stage with the band at the end of the reception. All around, it was a fun night!

Ben and Lindsay- thank you so much for having me there for your wedding day! I wish you both all the happiness in the world =)

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