Moore’s Wall Bouldering Trip

Weather: a climbers best friend or worst enemy. A wet Tuesday turned a large group trip into a Wednesday duo. It was just Burke and I for the day. Now, I’ve seen Burke at the gym, but didn’t really know him well, yet we were going on a trip to Moore’s together! Nothing stops me. The more I post about my trips, the more you’ll realize that. ;-P

Okay, so outdoor climbing at Moore’s Wall, YAY! I don’t have a lot of experience with outdoor climbing, but am quickly getting acquainted with the surrounding climbing areas. Moore’s definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m very thankful Burke was on board for showing me around the area and helping me work through certain problems. We had a fantastic time and I look forward to going back as much as possible! Here are a few photos I took on our trip!

Note: From what I understand, the Bouldering Moore’s Wall book by Adam Sokolow is no longer available to purchase. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time at Moore’s, I’ve been told you can email Adam Sokolow and see if he has any books left to sell you. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the next book comes out OR go to Mountain Project: Sport Climbing or Mountain Project: Bouldering in The Valley . Though, in the pictures below, we were in the Main Area.

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